Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's big and yellow and has really scary teeth?

On the chairlift at Copper Mountain, we kept riding above this thing. Finally skied down to check it out. Best we can figure, this snow cat was fitted with a special auger to help shape the half-pipes that dot the ski mountain. Snowboarders ride the half-pipes and do tricks. The blade on this had an incredible spiral. I included a shot of the entire machine to put it all into perspective.


  1. This can go under multiple themes--yellow, spiral, dangerous...
    Very interesting bit of machinery and good catch for the theme.

  2. this looks lethal. Hope you stay safe.

  3. Amazing that someone would design a machine for something like that: digging shapes in the snow. What'll they think of next?

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  4. So interesting and a great find for the theme. Bet nobody else gets one of those for "Spiral"!

  5. Never thought about how they do those. A very scary piece of machinery.

  6. What a great eye! This is perfect for the theme and verrrrry scary looking.

  7. It sure could be used as 'dangerous'- very cool shape. Seeing the entire machine is helpful-what a machine!

  8. Very scary piece of machinery, Val. Great photo, though, love the bright colors against the snow.

  9. This looks like another dangerous part of skiing!! I do like the yellow against the beautiful blue sky. Still too scary for me!!

  10. It does look lethal. Maybe you should have it eating a skier.

  11. I'd love to see that thing in action! Great choice for the theme and just plain fun to have as a memory from the trip. I bet the rest of your group was rolling their eyes at your excitement over getting this great spiral shot.


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