Sunday, July 19, 2009

The ultimate "grunge" photo

A canyoneering maneuver called a “partner assist” sometimes involves helping your partner down off a steep wall by allowing him (or her) to balance on your chest as you support the weight. At the end of class, Jon is pretty grungy from helping me – and others – on some of the down climbs.


  1. Oh m'gosh! That's more adventurous than I can imagine!

  2. I bet he was sore the next day!! Love this shot.

  3. I've had people here comment about my bravery when it comes to getting a photo, but you've got me beat ten ways of Sunday. Even in my youth, I would never rock climb. And certainly not to the extent where I would need to put my foot on someone else's chest. :D He is a keeper whether a friend or neighbor, or whatever. Since I do not know who he is, he could be your DH for all I know. :D

  4. Iona...Jon is my DBF (and now my canyoneering partner!) :-)

    The first time we had to downclimb by balancing on a partner I was so worried I'd hurt him (yikes) but the technique has very little weight borne by the's more of a place to balance. By the end of this canyon, we'd done it enough times we didn't really think about it any more. Kind of weird to think about it that way!


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