Monday, August 24, 2009

Risky business

There was a lot of snow on the hike to Sky Pond. Hiking across a snowfield in summer sounds like unique fun, but it can be risky. The snow is very slick, and most hiking boot treads aren’t aggressive enough to really give a firm grip. Trekking poles help, but it pays to be cautious.


  1. It would be easy to go tumbling down the mountain - good thing you were all careful!

  2. I really didn't need another Mountain shot yet but thank heavens, it never snows in this part of Aussie, otherwise I would never leave the house.

  3. It's such an odd concept to be in snow with only short sleeve shirts!!

  4. Isn't the Rocky Mountain National Park wonderful. Playing in the snow in July was an exciting experience for us southerners.

  5. I think it's risky just being out there in the snow with shorts on! LOL
    Neat shot!

  6. Sounds risky alright. I'd likely end up on my butt more than once. :D

    Also, risky for a sunburn from the sun reflection, or sun blindness.

    Great shot. Makes me feel like I'm right there.


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