Friday, October 30, 2009

I think I'll read for a little while

Not too long ago, I received notice from United Airlines that my frequent flier miles were going to expire. I didn't have enough to get a ticket or even an upgrade, but I DID have enough to take them up on their offer of some free magazines. I selected some and promptly forgot about it.

This stack represents just SOME of the issues we now receive each month. (Some, like Sports Illustrated and Newsweek, come weekly). It's crazy! This time of year is very busy for us and we are lucky to read the covers, let alone the content.

On top of the stack, however, ALWAYS read cover-to-cover, is Photoshop Elements Techniques!! Although I pass most of these along to friends, the PET mag stays right here at home.


  1. LOL - hope you have lots of time on your hands!Like how you shot this - very simple but effective!

  2. I feel your pain, Val! One of my bosses, who is very much into photography, sent in all of the cards from his current magazines that state "renew your subscription and we'll send a free subscription to a friend." He subscribes to a lot of magazines! Mine are now piling up for that one day soon when I'll get to actually read them! ;-)

  3. I love this Val!! I too have gotten stuck with more than I can read. PET is tops at my house too!

  4. With all of your traveling and activities, I don't know how you get a moment's worth of reading in! At least you have something for one of those cold snowy days coming soon...

  5. Made me laugh..we were stuck with some subscriptions ("free") that my hubby ordered. What a mess cancelling after the free year! Never again!


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