Saturday, December 15, 2012


Because I posted on the first day of the 52-week challenge, my 52nd post would happen before the end of the year. To stretch it out until December 31, I'm tossing in an extra shot. While I was fixing some lunch today, a fluttering outside my kitchen window caught my eye. This guy was hopping around in the grass, and he stuck around long enough for me to fetch my camera and take a few shots.


  1. Hi Val,
    He's a very handsome fellow. What a lucky day that he stopped by to visit you. Have a great day!

    P.S. The laundry baskets are a favorite "toy" for the twins to play with.

  2. How fortunate to have such a handsome visitor!

  3. A treat to capture a photo of this guy on the ground!

  4. And what a pose! I think he just wanted a Xmas pic for his Xmas card! :)


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