Monday, February 16, 2009

Ever feel a little "board"?

One of the purposes behind the 365 challenge is to train your eye to see things in a different way. For me, another reason was to get me carrying my camera and photographing ordinary things.

At the big box home improvement store, looking for an ice-chipper, I happened across this lovely display of yellow plywood. I had to compose the photo so the customer near the stacks, examining and feeling the boards, wouldn't be in my shot.


  1. Know what you mean about taking your camera everywhere and taking pictures of things you would never have thought of taking before this challenge. For me, that's a big part of the fun.
    Good shot of the boards, minus the innocent bystander.

  2. I agree with Nan - it its really amazing to discover all the pictures I totally overlooked before this challenge. Nice composition on the yellow boards!

  3. Don't you hate it when shoppers get in the way of a fabulous photograph?
    LOL Love this!

  4. How can you become board with a subject of such timbre, and there is no need to get a plank look about you. Woodn't you think you bee happy with getting a great shot.

  5. Ron - you never cease to crack me up! :-D

  6. Great color, Val. You hang out in the strangest places.

  7. Yes it is, definitely YELLOW! Great shot, and great imagination!

  8. I like the way you shot that with all the angles of the stacks. Very yellow too!

  9. Very creative!! When I take a photo in a store I am always looking around to make sure management isn't going to come and tell me not to do it!!

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