Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm all wet...

Thanks, Vicki, for nominating me for a Splash Award, which is given to blogs that are "alluring, bewitching, impressive and inspiring".

Recipients are to splash up to nine other blogs, and link back to the original splasher.

Truthfully, I am inspired by ALL of you! Here's my list:

Bill Z Love your uniquely auto and food point of view!

Julie Your composition never ceases to amaze me!

Ron Possibly the best stories in the blog monster.

Grant Photo lessons in lighting, exposure, composition, and processing.

Tammy Awesome animals (and more) and inspiring comments.

Ellen, Queen of flowers, and a wonderful eye for seeing the artistry in the everyday (doors, windows, all-things-grungy and textury)


  1. Thanks Val, this is spreading so quickly I think I'm going to pass on spreading it. My trip to The 'burbs was quick and spent in my brother's basement and garage. He and his wife are moving to Singapore(!) so I'll be going to see my mom more often, it would be fun to meet.

  2. As I have said to both Iona and to Lijola, Sorry to disappoint but I will not be participating! It is a personal thing with Me and Chain Letters. Mainly it is that I will not impinge on the preference of others. If this decision saddens you I am sad! But I am not going to participate with any other blogger in this either. Thanks for the compliment but no thanks, please find another for the Honour you wish to bestow.

    I did offend Iona as I found out when I went back to check (Never my Intention) but I just don't play this game at all. Hope you understand my point.


  3. Thanks for the honor Val, you are too nice! I have learned so much from you that is is flattering that you out of all people passed on this award! :)


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