Saturday, September 26, 2009

Memories of childhood

I grew up living in a neighborhood where school was a block from home, so I walked to school. To my knowledge, ALL the kids walked to school, but I can remember longing to ride a school bus, like kids on TV and in the books I read. Yesterday, I helped chaperone a high school field trip to professional theater production. Our group was the only one arriving in a charter bus...and my grown-up self was VERY GLAD not to have bounced around for 90 minutes on a school bus to get there!

I took this picture of buses parked at the theater on my cell phone. Pretty good quality, considering!


  1. Oh Val, the funnest part of the trip was sitting in the back of the bus so you could bounce even more! :) Great memory (one that many of us share)!

  2. Nice especially for a phone. I took the train to high school, my only school bus rides have been old Bluebird busses in Mexico, ouch....

  3. Not a fan of the school bullied on one! Amazing quality on some cell phones.


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