Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is it live, or is it Memorex?

Guest photographer alert!

At a recent visit to a pumpkin farm, Jon took a photo of some squash the farmer had on display. Each squash was decorated with a pair of eyes. In Photoshop Elements, he later had fun with the image, adding and distorting some "squash chickens" to make the photo more appealing. Before you scroll down to see the original, can you tell which squash in the photo are real (the original) and which are artificial (cloned in)??

Squash Chickens

(Scroll down to see the original)


  1. What a fun job, this is great! Love all those eyes (they are kinda creepy, look like they are staring me down LOL)

  2. LOL! Love it. The family that photoshops together....laughs a lot!

  3. More fun! Those bird like eyes are a bit creepy. Maybe the fill in gourds could be distorted a bit to not look like the clones they are.

  4. This is a very eye-catching image. Tell Jon that he did a fabulous job.


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