Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take a walk on the wild side

We visited many wild places this summer, but one of the most desolate was the Frying Pan wilderness area in Capitol Reef National Park. We hiked the 5 miles from our campsite to Cassidy Arch (pictured on this blog back in June). This image was taken from a vista above the canyon area during a rest stop after we'd crossed through the worst of it. When we left camp, temps were in the low 70s, but the warm air was trapped in the canyon, elevating the temperatures. There was very little shade, and it was slow going.

This next image shows part of our trail. We hiked for about a mile through Cohab Canyon, climbing up to and over a pass in the "vee" at the back of the photo, then down, down, down into Frying Pan. In the lower right corner of the photo, we began climbing out, resting where this picture was snapped. Enlarge the image to see arrows tracing our route. From the point of the vee to where this picture was taken, it was about 3 miles. We still had another hot, arid mile to go to reach the arch.

It was beautiful, but more fun to think back on than to actually do!


  1. So you finally joined the "Wild Bunch" it isn't how I picture you, but to gain entry to that area you must be a gang member, wouldn't a thunk it Mrs Plunkett!

  2. Val, that does look like a tough trail. I love that shot with the red lines showing the trail. Great use of photoshop.

  3. I like that you showed the route of your hike. Both photos are terrific, the top for the wonderful colors and the bottom for the information. Wish we could handle something like that, but hubby has 2 hip replacements so we have to limit hikes (the heart is willing, the body not so much).

  4. I think you spent your whole summer on the wild side LOL What a gorgeous area to hike (but it does look hot)! Absolutely love how you illustrated your hike in black, white and red, very cool!

  5. Beautiful terrain, glad you have the warm (hot?) memory as winter slides in.


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