Monday, March 29, 2010

Still on a textures kick

Used 2 different textures from Shadowhouse Creations to add a little visual interest to this goose. Not sure it's much better than the original, but it was fun playing around with blend modes and masks.


  1. Stay on your texture kick...i am liking it! Great framing around this goose!

  2. I had a gander at your Goose but thought the texture would make me down in the mouth, Eider rather seen a soaring Eagle, which would make that Goose Duck.

  3. This is a tough picture: since all the tones are so similar, it's hard to make sure the subject stands out. I think you did a good job of it. I like the vignette, too; something about the color scheme makes the picture seem old, and the vignette helps with that effect.

  4. How fun! When I first looked at it I thought I saw one of Jerry's haunted houses but now I see it's just a stump.



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