Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Oriole of the orange sort

On our way through Nebraska, we wanted to stop and see Tammy, but, alas, she was otherwise occupied. Instead, we went to the Rowe Sanctuary, outside of Kearney, to stalk birds (a new hobby of my DBF Jon). He pointed out this lovely oriole, and I snapped away.

These used to be called Baltimore Orioles, but I believe they now carry the name of Northern Oriole. Either way, he's a beauty!


  1. I so wish you could have stopped to see me instead!!

    Isn't this bird a beauty...he also occupies my bird feeder, but never stays long enough to get is picture taken!

  2. Good thing Jon has a keen eye or you would have missed this gorgeous shot!!

  3. Amazing colors on this guy/gal(?)...great image...

  4. He sure is! It looks as if he likes having his picture taken too!

  5. It does seem to love the camera, a wonderful shot.


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