Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Jon and I are in Arizona for the Christmas holiday and we took a drive down to Sierra Vista,  in the southeast corner of the state. Hiking into Ramsey Canyon, we almost missed spotting this deer, who was hiding in plain sight. She seemed completely unconcerned by our presence, and after taking a few photos, we walked on.

PS: Steven...in yesterday's post, work your way up from the ground line about halfway and you'll see the line of demarcation between the lake and the sky. See it? It's pretty big, for a lake. ;-)


  1. I never cease to marvel at how hard things that you would think should stand out can be to see in Nature. The Lorrikeets who hang around our place could not be more colourful, however when I can hear them squabbling in the tree out our backdoor you wouldn't believe how hard it is to espy them.

  2. it's hard work being a deer. Have to stop and rest sometimes.

  3. Such lovely soft russets and browns.

  4. It is amazing how the deer can blend into their environment.

  5. Hi Val,
    She's beautiful! She just blends right in with nature. It's natural camouflage. Have a great day!



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