Saturday, August 3, 2013


Part of our summer vacation led us to Hell's Canyon, along the Snake River between Oregon and Idaho. Some visitors, like us, choose to hike along the riverbank to see the views. Others prefer different means of transportation, such as these jet boats.

On the drive out to Hell's Canyon, we spent some time at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, which told the story of intrepid pioneers and their journey west along the Oregon Trail. Their transportation was entirely different...


  1. Both tough travel methods! Love em!

  2. Very nice! One of these trips you'll have to make it to Portland.

  3. Beautiful scenery. I think the hiking method would be our preference also with time to stop and enjoy the sights.

  4. Both methods demand respect for the rigors required to travel...especially in the pioneer days. I can only imagine the difficulties...especially for the women who would have a baby one day and then be back walking the next.


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