Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Looking down

As you wind your way through Echo Canyon, you eventually get to a place where (during our visit) it was flooded - kind of a sink hole in the trail. Jon got up to his chest in water before we decided to turn around.Since we couldn't continue through the slot, we backtracked and took another trail that went above the slot we had just been hiking in. We were able to then look down into the slot beyond where we were stopped by water. We were walking on a ledge in what felt like a big open tunnel, with the slot on one side. Once we got through this tunnel in a canyon looking down at a slot, we were able to reenter the slot from the other end.

On the left side of the photo below, you can see the slot where the photos from the last few days were taken.

When we leaned over the edge, this is what we saw, looking down. Topaz really brought out the pinks in the rocks here. In general, the landscape was comprised of shades of deep gold, orange, rust, pink, and gray. You can just make out the narrow bottom of the canyon in the photo below. I think only a very skinny Minnie would fit through there! Where we could again enter at the other end, it was wider.


  1. Wow, before we go there I need to go on a major diet....no way I would fit on that trail lol

    love the colors and textures, these canyon shots are so cool!

  2. It is wonderful when the beauty goes on and on!

  3. All of these shots are fabulous, Val. The colors, line, and textures are out of this world.

  4. These do seem otherworldly, your processing just adds to the wownesss.

  5. These look so great enlarged. I love the striations and undulations in the rock. What a trip!


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