Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Looking up

Since several of you asked to see more Echo Canyon photos, here you go. This is the mouth of the canyon. To get there, hike above the Weeping Rock trail. What was so cool about this hike was that you came in through this somewhat wide slot, so you were looking up going in. After a little climb, you ended up looking DOWN into the slot, from a ledge above. The colors were amazing. More to come.


  1. Val this looks like a Boomer shot, I agree with you though if you're going to rip someone off - Hook into the best of the buck LOL.
    (Just pulling your leg, but it is that good!)

  2. Wow, I feel as if I am walking the trail! Love the fine details in this! These rocks just seem so powerful and huge! Love this Val!

  3. Nice shot Val, what I found that I really liked about these hikes is that I couldn't wait to see what was around the next turn. Did you find that too?
    You did a nice job with this shot as the range of light can be so extreme that one shot never covered the range of light presented.
    Lets see more!

  4. I love the golden light in the background and the textures in the foreground rocks. Great exposure on a tough subject. Beautiful!


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