Sunday, December 13, 2009

The "After"

Two days back, I posted an imperfect set during a rehearsal for a high school play. Today, here are Jon's shots of the finished set. More ornate, don't you think?

Just to amaze you more, the "imperfect" shot was taken on a Monday evening. Wednesday, school was cancelled (snowstorm), so only a handful of kids were on hand to help finish up before Thursday evening's opening. Amazing what an EXCELLENT tech theater teacher and some hard-working kids can produce in a few days...with little budget.

This is the side you saw in the "imperfect" shot.

Remember I said the entire set rotates 180 degrees? Here's what's on the backside. All the wall treatments are hand-painted (some stenciling), except the lower paneling in the photo below. That came from my family room...which is now newly drywalled (yay!).


  1. Wow, magnificent! It's amazing what a few people can do in a short amount of time, this set rocks!

  2. They really did a great job on this! It's a tribute to the skill of the teacher to motivate kids to accomplish so much! (and, did they do your drywall, too? LOL).

  3. Impressive! As are your shots, so well exposed.

  4. Impressive for sure. My son was in theatre tech years ago - he learned a lot about discipline and about using power tools - was a great experience.


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