Friday, December 11, 2009

Not quite there yet

During rehearsal for a high school production of "Pygmalion", the cast, and the set, are both imperfect. Come opening night, the entire production will be polished and ready for an audience.

Insider info: This is the backside of one half of the set. On production night, the walls will be complete. The ENTIRE SET spins around on 85 casters, revealing a completely different interior scene. Amazing!


  1. Wow, that set is amazing - wish I lived closer - I would love to see your production! I am taking my niece to see Annie the Musical over the weekend...we saw the Imperial Nutcracker last weekend....I am so lucky I got a niece, my boys would never enjoy going to musicals and ballets w/ me LOL

  2. Just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!
    Lucky Tammy's boys are normal eh, poor Niece.

  3. Shot of the school play really bring back memories of lots of plays and contests when I was working with schools - those were some of the best times as a teacher/administrator.

    Very cool (cold?) technique on the snow photo. Glad it's you, not me!!!

  4. Impressive set and shot...

  5. My husband's construction class builds the sets for the drama class. Looks like a great set.


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