Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Baby, break the chains of love..."

(I just have old songs in my head this week....)

Here's the backstory...back in the settler's days of the old west (Utah), cattle had to be retained on the rancher's land. They couldn't afford to chain up the cattle, nor could they string chain as a fence. Instead, they used barbed wire. With me??

I took this shot this summer. I then used a texture on top of the original image and set the blend mode to Overlay. For those of you who recall Ghostbones' stash of great textures on Flickr, he's resurfaced at this blog. Scroll down a few days to find the tutorial on applying textures. The one I used for this image is contained in the zipped folder you can download. Thanks to Jerry Jones for sharing his texture!

Hopefully, following the link and snagging some great, free textures has distracted you from the fact that I strayed from the theme just a little...


  1. You have truly capture the years and weathering that horrible stuff has endured, I have seen it wrapped around a calf's leg though, and don't like it a bit.

  2. I really like this picture. There's something transformative about it. Barbed wire has a very nasty reputation--often for good reason--but you're showing it in its elemental form.

  3. I would have totally forgot, and then you have to remind me...

    This is just wonderful, love that texture, I need to check this out!

  4. Great photo and the textures you selected sure transform s simple run of barb wire.

  5. I love your focus on the wire, implying how it goes on forever. Cool texture and nicely applied!

  6. A work of art, Val. Great detail shot.


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