Friday, December 4, 2009

Can you find seven?

Had to crop this photo from my summer stash to make seven. Woke up today to new snow and a dentist I don't think I'll be snapping a fresh photo for the day. Hopefully the bright colors of these unusual flowers will brighten your day - seven times over.

These are from a garden in a Bed and Breakfast we visited in Utah.


  1. What a stinker you are!! I couldn't find the 7th until I enlarged!! LOL Too cute! And, yes, the colors brightened my day...also the fun!

  2. I am warming up now...LOL It is freezing cold here and early reports have us getting anywhere from 6-12" of snow early next week, ugh!!

    Love the bright and warm colors of those beautiful flowers!

  3. Very colorful. Makes me miss summer.

  4. Seven it is. Red hot poker is a common name for these, red wing blackbirds love them.


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