Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The lighting at the site of the Four Bronze Horses of Helios fountain was challenging; a bright, sunny day, and the entire fountain not only under an overhang, but of a dark subject. It was very crowded, and hard to get in direct line of the horses. Of the several shots I took, this one had the fewest people. I tried to recover the blown sky, to no avail. I thought about doing an Out of Bounds image, leaving the horses' legs hanging out of the frame, but I never could get it to look right. In the end, I used some Topaz Spicify and hope it will draw your eye to the magnificent fountain.


  1. I like the Spicify use here. The front horse looks like it is coming right at you. Really well done in difficult circumstances.

  2. Don't understand how Topaz works, I;m not rich enough for that but the HDR look is so right for this shot. I find bronze so hard to do and in bright light, near impossible. My Platypus chair was done in very subdued light, and I think that is the best I have ever achieved with Bronze. Why don't you fly back and try it a bit closer towards dusk. LOL Wonderful image, they look like they are trampling flowers under hoof.

  3. Spicify is the perfect filter to bring out the pizazz in this the colors it produced!

  4. I think that looks cool! And what a fabulous fountain.

    You didn't get another exposure from the same angle but with a better exposed sky, did you? You could do a replacement if you did.


  5. Great processing. That front horse does look amazing. I guess it wouldn't do to complain about the sun you had...


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