Friday, April 30, 2010

Wow - it's the end of April!

Oh, dear. I dilly-dallied in London and now it's the end of the month and I still have three themes to go. How about a three-fer? It was a delicate balance, trying to capture both the faucet and the beverage in the same shot. My kitchen is on the west side of the house, so in the early morning, there isn't much natural light coming in. My dark counters increase the challenge. After several attempts, I selected this image, and used a little Topaz Adjust to speckle it up.


  1. This was worth waiting for! I love the metalic look of the whole photo, water included; it looks like molten metal coming from the tap and rippling in the cup.

  2. I like this too! It has a really neat illustrative look.


  3. Perfect processing, this turned out really wonderful...I missed a few themes too, at least you found a 3-fer to catch up with!

  4. I like the metallic look to this too, a fine 3-fer. I have some themes that I still mean to get.


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