Thursday, April 29, 2010


In case you have neglected to note the dangers of smoking, these tobacco distributors have clearly marked their packaging.

(Taken in the Dusseldorf, Germany airport duty-free shop. After snapping this photo, I was asked to put away my camera. Hmmm....)


  1. At least they asked and didn't take your camera LOL So perfect for the theme!

  2. They have just desided to increase the tobacco exise by $2.50 a packet to pay for thier cockamamy promises to win votes, trouble is people from both sides smoke, I reckon it will cost Labor Government in Australia, later this year. I gave up 14 years ago but don't think the government is altruistic, just venal!

  3. Interesting shot. I think it's fair that the companies are asked to put on the warnings but I don't think the warnings work on people who already smoke. It's not like people don't know the dangers in this day and age. I also don't think the warnings make up for the harm their products cause.

  4. In Canada the warning labels are required to take up 50% of the package and they are graphic, photos of diseased lungs, rotten teeth, etc... Not that I've ever seen one of these labels firsthand, mind you, because it is now illegal for retailers to display cigarettes - they have to be hidden from view.



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