Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Liberty Building is in full bloom!

This fun building is on Carnaby Street. It used to have a different coat of flowers, but I like the violet hues and purple (window) shades of this image.


  1. Now this is way too fun! Not sure I have ever seen a building adorned in flowers like this...really awesome!!!

  2. I like the various shades of purple and the contrast of the union jacks.

    I don't know why this reminds me, but did you happen to see Abbey Road (or any other Fab Four connected sites) when you were there? If you did, my Beatles crazed son would love to see...


  3. Awesome! It's like outdoor wallpaper!

  4. How fun! Your color too. Is it painted on?

  5. Liberty prints are all the rage this year. You'll find them in clothing, houseware and more. Target is featuring them. Great shot! Loving all your London photos, Val.


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