Monday, February 1, 2010

Experiment in Exposure Compensation

Took a "get to know your digital Rebel" class at the local camera store this week. One button I'd not learned to play with was the Exposure Compensation button (the black & white A/V) These 2 images were taken of a classmate in the darkened room (only light was some leaking in from the partially open hallway door, and the light from the classroom projector, which was behind me). She was probably 10-12 feet away. I was pleasantly surprised at how much the image lightened up. With the level of zoom, I was at my lowest aperture setting and my highest ISO. Of course, if she had moved, it might have been a different story. Check out the slow shutter speeds! These were shot in Av (aperture priority) mode.


  1. Both are so clear for being handheld at that speed and w/ that ISO...wonderful images...I started playing w/ the exposure compensation last really makes a huge difference...nice examples! I hope you enjoyed your class (that sounds fun)!

  2. So while they are busy taking notes and being attentive your off playing with your new toy, can't say I am surprised (Different Drum) Great reults, don't think my old Nikon has that - But I will check - same drum as you.

  3. Very interesting! What a wonderful class to attend--I'm sure you were learning even if Ron thought you played in class.

  4. Great examples and isn't it exciting to learn more about the settings on your camera? I played with that a bit earlier this month and want to find time to explore more.

  5. Very nice Val. Looks like a real payoff for the class.
    When I see something like this it is a real motivator to learn more.
    Thank you for this one.


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