Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think I'll paint my nails

These appeal to my feminine side.

Shutter: 1/8, f/11, ISO 200, focal length 130mm tripod mount


  1. My nephew Mikey loves doing that too why didn't I think of that one? Great composition and color!

  2. I stand amazed at your beautiful work and hope your students appreciate what you can share with them.
    I need no nail polish but continue to learn from you. thanks

  3. A nice set up you've chosen for this theme. For me, the bar code front and center is a distraction from the luxurious indulgence of the shot though. I think it would be even stronger if that bottle had been rotated to hide that.

  4. Karen, you are right. I was having trouble keeping the bottle from rolling and was getting annoyed with the process (and I had to go to work, too). Lesson learned: don't shoot when you are in a hurry! :-)


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