Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today is a play-with-Photoshop photo

We were in Arizona over the Christmas and NY holiday and took a hike near the Superstition Mountains one cloudy afternoon ( does actually get cloudy down there). I pulled this image into PS and added an overlay from Jerry over at Shadowhouse Creations (LOVE his stuff), a brush full of writing from someplace I downloaded ages ago, and tweaked and twiddled with levels. Just something fun to do after dinner on a quiet Friday evening.


  1. Lots of fun playing with overlays, textures and filters. I can sure spend many hours in front of the computer doing just that.

    Those spines look like they would hurt bad if you touched this image...

  2. Turned out beautiful, the textures turned this photograph into a piece of it!

  3. Nice! It's important to play.

  4. I love that you turned this beautiful photo into poetry of a kind. The wash of land contrasts with the sharpness of the cactus. The shadows of words seem to float in the atmosphere. Very cool!


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