Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One for Ron

Hey, Ron. As I was shooting this glass bottle, you came to mind for two reasons. This was shot with my 50mm prime lens...AND...look at the label!


Shutter speed 1/30, f4, ISO 100, hand held in my light box, aperture priority


  1. Ron is going to be thrilled with this! I love the clarity and what great details...no glass glare - that is hard! Now one question for you, why is there still wine in the bottle (what happened to your theory of shooting a picture then taking a drink)??

  2. I like the Aussie's wine and you did them proud with this. Great details as it feels I could reach out and touch the bottle.

  3. Val, you keep amazing me with your photos! I love this! The bottle is great and I like that the background has some character, not just plain.

  4. I will answer Tammy's question first, (Because you weren't there or it would be MT" Great snap Bal, but I find this so funny, Naming a wine after a Big Red (Kangaroo) don't see the connection, They are Macropods (Giant feet) and the wine is designed to make you legless/ Some people will do anything to sell a product.
    Reminds me of a question Tammy posed at one of her soirres, "What to Vitners buy, that is half so precious as the stuff they sell?" apologies to Omah/

  5. I like the way the lighting makes the wine glow a bit - it really shows the color and it's luscious contrasted with that label.

  6. A great shot, Val. I love the colorful wine against the neutral background. No glass glare, also.


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