Thursday, February 25, 2010

Trip back in time

I'm really tired of snowy photos, so I pulled this one from my archives. In the summer of 2007, we took a trip to British Columbia, getting as far north as Whistler (of now Olympics fame). We spent one day at Butchart Gardens outside Victoria. I like the natural window cut into this hedge that looked out on the water. I took this with my Olympus 570UZ and remember taking several shots before I was able to expose for both the leaves and the boat/water beyond. I probably had this set on Shutter priority and metered off the leaves, then refocused on the boat.


  1. I truly believe those are one of the most beautiful gardens anywhere...I love that place! I think I have that same picture, Val...LOL]

    wonderful job on focusing and exposure...this is not an easy picture!

  2. Two great minds finding the same beautiful frame?
    Nice shot and nice to see green and feel a little warmth.

  3. I can see Victoria's lights from the end of my road, you ought to have stopped by :-) Nice job.


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